About our School


About Sapient College

Spaient Institute of Management Studies was established in 1995 with an aim to develop into a premier college. The primary object the college is to provide basic education in various field for the student of MP region and around.

It has been at the forefront of learning, teaching and research and leader in many different fields in its educational endeavour. In a relatively short-time span it has created an image for its excellence as an institution of higher learning through outstanding teaching and world-class research so as to produce well-rounded graduates with lifelong abilities to provide leadership within the societies they serve. We have a well-deserved reputation for last 22 years for excellence, as demonstrated by host of educational institutions in Indore .

Director’s Message

It is a great honour and pleasure to address you. Management involves decision making. We all know that in order to make best possible utilization of available resources, we come across various alternative solutions. We have to pick some and forego others. These decision making skills are sometimes god-gifted, but more often than not, these skills could be acquired. One way of acquiring them is through the process of trial and error. That could be very costly and sometimes, prove fatal for the organization. There is an increasing realization that managerial skills should be acquired. There is greater emphasis on building the human capital. According to some recent demographic studies, India will have a comparative advantage over U.S. and Europe in terms of ‘young’ population. India is being seen as a major supplier of workforce in the next decade, since the developed world shall have a large component of ageing population.

Mission, Vision & Values

To develop Sapient College into a centre of excellence in education, research, training and consultancy to the extent that it becomes a significant player of the country and the world.

To meet the global need of competent and dedicated professionals. To undertake R & D, Consultancy & extension activities which are of relevance to the needs of the mankind. To serve the community by interaction on, scientific, technical and other aspects of development.

Humanity and ethics blended with sincerity, integrity and accountability. Productive delivery supported by healthy competition. Efficiency and dynamism coupled with sensitivity. To nurture innovation and ability to think differently with rational creativity. Appreciation of sustainable socio-cultural values and to feel proud to be a good professional contributing to the betterment of mankind and mother earth.